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12 short films in 2016. I am challenging myself to create and to finish a different film every month; like a self imposed film school. I built a little bit of a safety net for myself by only having them available to my mailing list subscribers. These films are not perfected but they are finished. Living with imperfection, letting it go and continually creating are my personal goals for this year. If these films make you smile or cry or think, then I’m over the moon.
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About Me

I was born in Transylvania, Romania in a small village nestled in the Carpathian mountains. My earliest memory is of a pair of shiny red shoes I loved above all else and a keen desire to play the piano. Until I was able to go to school, I pretend-played the piano on any flat surface I could find, my grandmother’s cutting boards being some of my favorite “pianos.”

My family moved to the city when I was 6 and I started school at the Sigismund Toduta Music Lycee in Cluj-Napoca. I still remember the elated feeling I had during that rigorous entrance exam. I felt invincible! It’s fun to thinking about that feisty little girl singing her heart out in front of that panel of judges. I was accepted into the program and started playing real pianos.

Fast forward a few years through some major world events such as the fall of communism in eastern Europe and you’ll find me in law school in Romania and then in the USA studying music at CBU in Riverside, CA. After I graduated I continued to teach voice and piano at the university and perform around So Cal. Once music gets in your soul, there’s no turning away from it.

Onto film and where we are today…

Soon after I moved to LA to pursue acting, a twist of fate brought Oscar-winning director Peter Bogdanovich into my life. The filmmaking lessons I learned from him continue to support me in my creative endeavors to this day. Music is my first language. Film is an extension of my imagination. These are the threads from which I weave all of my imagined worlds.

In addition to filmmaking, I am delighted to sing and tour with my husband, brilliant singer-songwriter, Forest Sun, under the umbrella of our independently-owned record label, Painted Sun Records.

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  • Featured by CineWomen in their biannual publication on Outstanding Emerging Female Filmmakers of 2015.
  • All Sales Final” (2014) wins Best Short Film on a Smart Device at the Albuquerque Film and Music Experience and is also accepted by Asheville Cinema Festival, Chennai International Short Film Festival, Ahmadnagar International Short Film Festival, Tiburon International Film Festival and Ozark Shorts.
  • Transilvania Frumoasa” (Transylvania the Beautiful) (2015) premiers at the Nevada City Film Festival, CA.
  • Advisory Board member for the Tallgrass Film Festival and
  • Resident of Filmhouse X in San Francisco, CA.

Coming Soon


  • “Walk Through Walls” with Forest Sun. I sang harmony vocals on the bonus tracks “Magpie” and “Oh, What Joy” and created the Kickstarter video.