Last film of 2016

dsc00491One of the Romanian customs says that you can and should wish everyone a happy new year during the month of January. Today is the last day. Happy New Year!

I know it’s been a tumultuous end of the year and an even more divisive new year. I still hold true that stories bind us together and remind us of our own common ground and humanity.

With Forest helping, I’ve been working on the big film, the vampire documentary. Three weeks left in Romania. I find myself flirting with the feeling of panic. Did I do a good enough job so far? Will I finish capturing everything that this film needs? Is it even going to make sense?
This feeling is ever available during the creative process. I try to see it as a friend and an opportunity to trust and move forward.

Part of the reason for my making a different short film for every month of this year is to repeatedly face all of feelings of the creative process and linger not in their embraces.

Movement is key.

Can you believe I did it? The challenge is completed. 12 short films in a year! Done! That feels good.

Start thinking about your favorite 4 films that I made this year. I’ll polish them and then … we can submit them to festivals and beyond!

Last thing I’m going to say before I part the curtains and show you this month’s strigoi short film (my first of the suspense genre) is that the title of the film, this new Chinese year of the rooster and my starting this challenge right after last Chinese year is a coincidence. Or is it?

Sending you love and gratitude.
Write back when you can.


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PS. The photo above is from the village of Arghis. Over 600 years ago, Vlad Dracula himself was here, perhaps leaving his footsteps on this very road.

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just a few more days until

It’s Thursday. It’s October. It’s 2016.
A few days ago I thought it was February so it’s a good practice for me to check in with the real timeline.

The Kickstarter campaign has been a real thrill and blessing. After the initial heavy lifting of preparing for it and the stress and lack of sleep during that first week, the angels starting coming in and bringing so much support and encouragement. You know who you are. My heart is full and ready to create this film.
I am eager and honored to be the one to capture the beauty, the fierceness, the mystery and the otherworldliness of Transylvania and its vampires. Some of the stories I will be collecting belong in a fantasy movie, except that they are true.

There are 8 days left on the Kickstarter campaign. I invite you on this journey with me.
You can contribute as little as $1 and get all the updates or as much as 10K and be an executive producer.


Transylvania has just received its first snowfall. It looks like we’re heading into a cold winter.

Before heading to Romania, Forest and I are getting on a plane on Tuesday and heading to Tallgrass film festival in Wichita, Kansas where not only will I get to see amazing films, enjoy the VIP treatment but I will get to share my journey into filmmaking with my peers and aspiring filmmakers. It will be a very special time.

My heart is filled with gratitude for you.
Thank you for reading my letters and for supporting me in what I feel is my part in our world.
If I can bring a bit of joy or sense of magic to your life then I consider myself a success.


PS. The photo above was taken by Forest atop Vlad Dracula’s real castle in Transylvania. We will be returning there soon.

PPS. I will be continuing my film challenge until I reach my 12th film, in January.

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Strigoi on Kickstarter

I’m early in sending you this month’s film. It’s only the 15th!

I love September 15th. It used to be the first day of school in Romania; the smell of new books, the routine, friends and the feeling of the unknown waiting for me to discover it.
Since I’ve been out of school, I’ve wanted to do something momentous on September 15th. Here I am, doing it. Finally!

With lots of preparation and hard work, I have launched a Kickstarter campaign for my first feature film. The tag line is …

With nothing but a camera and the belief that she will go unharmed, a filmmaker returns to her roots in search of real vampires.

It’s really happening. I am returning to my homeland in search for “Strigoi, The Real Vampires of Transylvania.”

The video I made for the Kickstarter campaign will be my monthly film for September. (I have a mind to make another film this month if I get the chance. So much to do. I have to get ready to speak on a panel at Tallgrass Film Festival next month, I’m helping Forest with his radio campaign for his new album release and I have to still find someone to sublet our place while we’re gone. Oh, and also drawing a vampire goat.)

I would love it if you would check out and share the campaign.

I created a twitter account for the film @StrigoiFilm The account’s birthday is September 13th, 1896. Having fun with the details.