Vamp Questionaire

First off, how are you?

Second, if I told you I was making a vampire documentary (which you already know that I am) what would you want to see in it?
I’ve never ever had this much ahead-of-time to prepare for a film. I would love to hear your thoughts. I’m going to put all your ideas up on my board and let them incubate.

Third, lil ol’ me has been invited to be on the filmmaker advisory board at Tallgrass Film Festival in Wichita, KS. Every year, they choose 6 filmmakers and I am one of them. This is such a great honor. I didn’t want to share the news right away because I thought that maybe they made a mistake and I wanted to give them a couple of weeks to change their minds. This isn’t false humility on my part, it’s me looking at the other 5 filmmakers and realizing how accomplished they are.
I’d better hurry up and get more amazing …. by October 2016. ha!Michael Romanowski, Ingrid Serban and Forest Sun at the Grammy Nominee Party in San Francisco, CA

Lastly, in music news, Forest and I have been working on some new material that we’re hoping to release in the next couple of months. We recorded with one of the top engineers in the country, Michael Romanowski (above) in a beautiful historical studio in Berkeley, CA called Fantasy. I am planning on creating some visual treats to go with the release. … more on that next time.

As always, thank you so much for taking the time to read my letters and be interested in what I do. This goes both ways. I always love hearing about you and your life so write back when you can.


PS. Lately, I’ve been having a lot of fun with Instagram which prompted Forest to make up a contest. Whoever gets to 1k followers on Instagram gets a 20-minute foot massage from the other. That’s a big commitment and he’s way ahead of me.

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Thankful for you

I’m Thankful for YOU

We’re having a very quiet Thanksgiving celebration this year; just the two of us. We went to Muir Beach this morning, walked on the beach, smiled at strangers and breathed the ocean air. Just what the doctor ordered after a week of the flu.

I’m so very grateful for health, for living in my favorite place in the world, for my Forest, for my parents and extended family in Romania, for the crisp air of November, for my play pretend mind and for you, my friends and life-traveling companions. Thank you for reading these letters and for believing in me. You make a big difference.

I wish you a wonderful day filled with the stillness of quiet love and thanksgiving.


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I’ve been doing a lot of thinking lately, for better or for worse. Along with pondering comes remembering and I got to thinking about my childhood and how I always wanted to be a grown-up. I was washing dishes at the very moment when I realized that I am living my dream come-true. I am a grown-up!

Is it everything I hoped it would be? Aside from my plan to smoke when I grew up ( I abandoned that one quickly enough), it all feels pretty much right-on. The best way I can describe it is that I feel that I have myself all to myself. It’s a good feeling.

A lesson learned from here is that although I’ve set a pretty achievable goal for myself, I can still celebrate it.
As I was washing the dishes in warm water, also thinking about my grandma whose passing will be a year-old this December, I felt accomplished and grateful. I remembered how she loved to wash dishes in warm water and how she always offered to make sweet ‘urechi.’ I miss her more now than when she was alive. It’s so strange how that ultimate separation spreads a perfecting sheen on our loved ones.

I wanted to share these thoughts with you in the spirit of self reflection, gratitude and celebration.


In exciting news, I have walked through the gates of the San Francisco Film society and became one of their fiscal sponsorship recipients. This is such an honor! They are supporting me in creating a full-length documentary titled “Strigoi, the Real Vampires of Transylvania.”

More on that on the Goat Lips Productions site.


Last little piece of news, Forest and I just got back from the Tallgrass Film Festival where we joined our friends Oscar Torre and Chuti Tiu in celebrating the world premiere of Cassie JayeEvan Davies‘ movie “Who’s There,” in which we are actors.
The Tallgrass experience was out of this world! Those folks really know how to put on a film festival. Wow!

Other than that, I’m really hoping my family comes over for Thanksgiving and that the squirrels stop digging my herb garden.

Much love,
Write back when you can.


PS. Here’s an article in the Fashion Globe about how we made a award-winning movie on an iPhone. Very kind of them to feature us. Many thanks to Tiffany Le.

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Nevada City

September is here! Are you feeling cozy? I feel like doing cozy things like sewing or knitting, coloring (yes, coloring), restoring some old piece of furniture, reading books, wearing sweaters … no, no sweaters yet.

What’s your favorite way to welcome fall?


I have some fun news to share with you.
Our short documentary “Transilvania Frumoasa” (Transylvania the Beautiful) will premiere next week at the Nevada City Film Festival.


I have more film & music news to share with you but they’re still brewing. Can’t wait to tell you all about it.

Write back when you can and tell me how you are.


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How are you?

I’m good. It feels as if I’ve been very busy. Amongst other things, I created a new website for Forest on squarespace. That was a steep learning curve! There are quite a few photos of me on that site. haha I also made a new site for myself (still in progress) and a brand new one for our film production company Goat Lips Productions.

Let’s see …. what else. Big film news: In addition to the Asheville Film Fest in NC, our short film “All Sales Final” got accepted into the Chennai International Film Festival, India AND into Tiburon International Film Fest AND (although this is still a secret) into the Albuquerque Film Fest!!!

I’m so proud of our lil film. 🙂

If you’d like to join us in Tiburon, CA or Albuquerque, NM, please let me know. I would love to see you there.

We’re also working on setting up a concert in Santa Fe when we come out to Albuquerque in June. I’ll keep you posted.

Hope to hear from you.



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It’s August!

Maybe it’s my european upbringing, but summer doesn’t really fee like its’ here until August arrives. Which makes me wonder … shouldn’t the word “summarize” refer to getting ready for summer activities?

Since the last time I wrote, we moved once and getting ready to move again this weekend. San Francisco, here we come. I already miss Mill Valley but we won’t be that far away and besides, I’m ready for a city adventure.

Here’s the video I told you about in my last letter. We went and visited Jesse Aycock in Tulsa, OK and video-ed a couple of songs on his porch.

Forest Sun, Ingrid Serban, Jesse Aycock

In the film news: I submitted All Sales Final to a few festivals and waiting to hear back. The waiting, the waiting, the waiting! Maybe I should just summerize some more. It’s August, after-all.

12109042_10153079693580009_8457924311373190904_nIn sadder news, my great aunt passed away las month. She was one of the sweetest, most kind and caring people I have ever met. She was part of the inspiration for writing our Grandma’s House song. Her passing made me think long and hard about expectations, the role of women in the family and in the world and hardship and the joy inspite of it. I’ll be writing a post about her and these thoughts on my blog soon. Feel free to subscribe and let me know your thoughts. BLOG


August 23rd
Socket Sessions in Saratoga, CA
hosted by Jenn & Mark Miller
more info coming soon.

The Forest Sun Cruise is happening in a little more than a week. Very excited about it. I’ll be posting photos of that adventure on TWITTER & FB

Thanks for reading and watching and supporting us,



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April Flowers

It’s April, and the flowers are blooming. There are lots of daffodils and freesias in my neighborhood. Ahhh, nothing like the smell of spring.

I’ve been up to some stuff:

  • Releasing a New Single.

Someday” is a song Forest and I wrote and recorded while we were in Tucson, AZ working on his album “Just Begun.” If you love it and want to support us, download it from iTunes here

  • A cool Video for SF Critic by rock ‘n roll photographer, Victoria Smith (above). She filmed us in her car while crossing the Golden Gate Bridge at sunset.
  • Brand new WEBSITE at
  • aaaaand one very exciting still-kinda-secret project! I’ll give you a hint … later
  • Forest Sun Cruise coming up this summer.
  • Sage Brush Festival in Oklahoma on June 7th

Cant wait to see you all.

Thank you for reading and write back when you can.


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