21 Days of Creativity – RELOADED

We’re doing it again but this time with more epic-ness.
By that I mean that we’re gonna take it nice and slow.

Last time, I emailed a creative prompt every day for 21 days.
It was something like a creative bootcamp,
a tour de force,
a jolt out of the ordinary.

THIS TIME, I will be sending ONE prompt per week for 21 WEEKS.

That’s right! 21 weeks of creativity.

We start on March 20, 2021 with the Spring Equinox

The prompts will remain simple and should take anywhere from five to thirty minutes to complete.

Use my prompts to infuse your own projects or have them be that one weekly opportunity to be creative.
Either way, my creative prompts are here to serve you!

Check out our community creativity page from the last 21DoC ⤵️

21 Days of Creativity is still FREE.
If you can and want to make a contribution you may do so through PayPal or Venmo.

Let’s get creative!