21 Days of Creativity – RELOADED

We’re doing it again but this time with more epic-ness.
By that I mean that we’re gonna take it nice and slow.

Last time, I emailed you a creative prompt every day for 21 days.
It was something like a creative bootcamp,
a tour de force,
a jolt out of the ordinary.

THIS TIME, I will be sending ONE prompt per week for 21 WEEKS.

That’s right! 21 weeks of creativity starting on March 20, 2021.

We begin on March 20, 2021 at the Spring Equinox with a group creativity meditation via zoom. After the meditation, you will receive your first prompt.

The creative prompts will remain simple and should take anywhere from 3 to 30 minutes to complete.

Use my prompts to infuse your own projects or have them be that one weekly opportunity to be creative.
Either way, my creative prompts are here to serve you!

You can see our creative community’s work by following the hashtag #Ingrids21DoC

21 Days of Creativity is FREE and open to everyone.
You are welcome make a contribution if you choose to via PayPal or Venmo.

Let’s play!

Ingrid Serban Filmmaker Musician

21 Days of Creativity

Wishing you warmth and gratitude,
a heart filled with hope
+ a belly full of good food.

I’m starting a thing called 21 Days of Creativity.

You’re invited!
This is how it works:
I’ll send you an email every morning for 21 days with a creative prompt.
It will be a simple action you can take that day – writing, drawing, photography, poetry, singing…

You can use the 21 of Days of Creativity to boost a project you’ve been working on or give you the push to start something new. Or to simply get OUT of unhelpful mind ruts and INTO creative and positive thinking. If this would helpful to you, all you have to do is SEND a reply to this post and tell me you want to play.

21 Days of Creativity starts December 1st.

If you’re joining, expect an email from me with simple instructions and a list of recommended materials (most, if not all, you probably already have lying around the house.)

Feel free to forward this invitation to anyone you feel may benefit. It’s my gift which makes it freeeeee.
(Being creative has always helped me feel more hopeful and less alone. I trust it will do the same for you.)

With Gratitude,


in other news …

Strigoi Film
STRIGOI FILM continues.
Some delicate changes in the air.
More on that later….
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