I can say that I began my public performances as a singer on the long bus ride between our city apartment and my grandparent’s village home. The bus was loud and smelled strongly of diesel, a combination that always made me car sick. I think it was my dad’s idea to start singing and so I did. As long as I sang, I didn’t feel sick and so I sang for myself and everyone on the bus.

If you already read my ‘about‘ page, you know that I went to music school and studied piano. I never stopped singing. Whether it was in the school choir, church choir, on those long bus rides I just kept singing. I sang with orchestras, I sang in operas, I sang in musicals and then with Forest Sun. We met, we sang  and we got married. I started singing Country/Folk music with him. I am enjoying myself tremendously. Singing pop music is a very different experience from singing opera. Forest says that coming from a miner’s family I am perfectly suited to sing country music.

I sang on Forest’s album “Just for Fun – Songs for the Little Ones” (featured on Little Horses) and vocal produced and sang for “Just Begun,” an Americana album recorded in Tucson, AZ at Wavelab Studios.

Other collaborations with Forest are the singles “Someday” (ITunes), “Grandma’s House” (ITunes) the Bob Dylan cover of “Tomorrow is a Long Time” and the recent bonus tracks for the remastered release of “Walk Through Walls.” All of this music lives on Painted Sun Records.

The video below is of us in Edinburgh, Scotland on radio Leith FM. Graeme Scott is one of the most engaging and fun radio hosts we’ve had so far. Miss him and Scotland. There are more videos on the Forest Sun YouTube Channel.