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Strigoi, the Real Vampires of Transylvania.”

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More about me … music + film 

I began singing on the long bus rides between our city apartment and my grandparent’s village home. I was two years old with a stomach too delicate for the loud, diesel-smelling vehicle, singing, the only way to keep my breakfast down.

Around the same age I became interested in playing the piano. I pretend-played on every surface I could find. Four years later, my dream became reality when I was accepted into music school. My dad, along with five of our neighbors hand carried a seven-hundred kilos piano up eight flights of stairs to our tiny government-issued apartment. A small bed and MY piano were the only pieces of furniture in my room. I did my homework on the lid of the piano and begun scoring my make-belief stories.

My debut short film, “All Sales Final” emerged from those childhood games; a story, a piano score and an Iphone 4. The seven-minute silent, black & white film follows a man who’s tired of living but doesn’t have the courage to end his own life. When he finds an ad for an elimination agency, he places an order for his own assassination. An event causes him to change his mind. He tries to cancel his order but it’s too late. All sales are final.

“All Sales Final” is followed by a short documentary, “Transilvania Frumoasa” (Transylvania the Beautiful), that premiered at Nevada City Film Festival in California. Then came a self-imposed challenge to make twelve short films in one year (only available to my mailing list), followed by filming and directing my first feature documentary about real vampires in Transylvania and directing a second feature documentary about a man who wants to change the world and the seven Americans he brought to Egypt.

I am a storyteller.
There is nothing else I’d rather do.

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